WS: Summer Bash...

Just last weekend, we been to Paradise Island one of the lovely place and summer destination here in Davao City. Actually, it was not in our plans since we really had some things to fixed up but my Sis insisted to off for a while since its been a quite sometime already that we haven’t been to this place. So, I decided to go too. Besides, its great to see and experience the beautiful and amazing place of Paradise Island. I got some photo here…

This was one of the corner in Paradise Island where you can definitely had a great and ample stay. Its one of the best place for this summer season. One thing, if you guys are still planning to had a summer beach affair then I guess, its for you to explore the beauty of Paradise Island.

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11:09 AM

wow! ang ganda ng dagat!


11:50 AM

lovely, lovely summer photo

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that's a great summer pic!! I'd love to be able to go there :D

mine's up..


3:00 AM

wow beautiful....

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4:23 AM

Oh my gorgeous weather