Blogging from my Native Town!

Cool! What should I supposed to say? Well, just to let you know guys that I’m currently here in my native town Iligan City, Philippines. A place where I grew up and had build up my dreams and aspirations in life. A place where past is worth reminiscing! A place were I has learn a lot of things concerning about my personality as person and as a human being.

Anyway, there are several reasons why I choose to come back here in just a few weeks to go. I just really had too for my families sake and besides, I miss Iligan. There’s no such place like home! Right? Anyhow, what else I can share with you about this place? Actually, Iligan City has everything to offer you! A known city for majestic waterfalls. A place wheretwo of the popular falls Maria Christina Falls and Tinago (Hidden) Falls resides. Aside from that, Iligan City has some other destination place for summer vacation. So,if you op to visit my town kindly consider this article upon arriving to this place. That’s all for now everyone!… Have a nice day!

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Pinay WAHM

11:08 AM

Indeed there is no place like home. If I have a choice, I would also want to go back where I grew up. Maybe someday.

Hi Wilson....just hopping here to say hi! I hope you're having a great Friday!