Travel Destination: Duka Bay Resort, Medina, Misamis Oriental, Philippines...

In the lain back town of Medina is a tranquil, pleasant place called Duka Bay Resort. Occupying a sandy shore and part of a hill, Duka is soothingly shaded by a cluster of large ancestral trees. Seven villas — spacious, elegant, and fully furnished — provide a breathtaking view of the bay and the island of Camiguin.

A freshwater stream winds its way from behind the open-air restaurant, where one can savor an abundant variety of local and foreign cuisine. Using hook and line, visitors can experience the excitement of getting fish right from the stream. And for sports buffs, there are kayaks, bancas, water bikes, and gears for scuba diving.

Only a few meters from the shore is possibly the liveliest teeming coral community in Mindanao. Populated by colorful, tropical fish, and punctuated occasionally by a streak of turtles, the reef can be observed from Duka’s glass bottom boats, which have become popular vehicles of marine education and entertainment. An underwater spring (alibuag) and caves provide excitement to divers.

Along the western side of the bay, partially submerged, is a gathering of large rocks. Ejected years ago from the fiery crater of Mt. Hibok Hibok in Camiguin Island, the boulders now sit in quiet meditation with the waves, so much like visitors of Duka Bay Resort, who have found in the place a wellspring that refreshes the body and the spirit.


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Phone: (63) (088) 331-2288 to 91
Fax: (63) (088) 331-2290
Cellphone: (63) 9176483268

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- (63) (088) 858-4402 or
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Duka Bay resort is just 15 minutes to travel from a City proper of Gingoog, I have been to Medina but never been to Duka Bay, it is one of my frustration during my long stay of my own place that I missed to visit the beautifula resort like Duka bay, like what other said it is a perfect place for rest and of course for scuba diving....ill be there this summer I will take the opportunity to have a past time there for just a two days.....