Photo Hunt: Colorful...

Yikes! Yet another week had passed and another week to start over... Have you guys enjoyed your week? Hope you all do! And oh! Before I proceed to my entry this week let me share you this quotation " Keep moving 'cause life is precious "...Agree? Well, despite the hardships we been remember that life is the best thing we had. No matter how thorny life may bring still life is precious. Asking why? Simply because its God's gift! Explains it all... Here is my entry for this weeks theme "Colorful"...


A Colorful Filipino Dish. I cooked this one! Its called " Giniling"... This was actually taken way back last year on my vacation at Tokyo, Japan. I used to be a cooked in my Sis house. Hopefully, sooner I can have a degree on cooking... Its actually one of my passion. Love it? Well, if you are you can asked for the recipe on me... Just leave a message here if you wanted too... Have a great weekend!...c",)

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Mrs Mecomber

10:47 PM

YUMMMMMMM. I've not had my breakfast, and now I am hungry! Great shot!

I also did Photo Hunt. Come share your link! :)