Belated Happy New Year!

New Year is upon us. A time to make new resolutions. A time to adopt change. A time to renew the vows we had at HIM. For that, what was actually the essence of New Year? Is it only about change for ourselves? Is it about change for the better or worse? What ever change we want we need to bare in mind that life is what we make it. Adopting changes for ourselves is actually a matter of choice. Even if its not new year, resolutions for change can be done. If you think that it would be the best way to sustain a happy and contended life then do it for yourself not for anybody else. Remember, true happiness can be found through absolute freedom. If we won’t maximize all the possible ways just to change for the better we might not found everlasting happiness we often look somewhere else. We can only find what we want by starting change in ourselves and extending it to everyone.

For that, I maybe a sinner too and are not eligible enough or even has no rights to recommend for a change I still want to dare everybody to adopt change for their selves. And if ever you can influence people to change for the better then that would be one of the best thing you can do for them!

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Hi belated happy new year as well. I like your blog. Can we swap links?