Life away from home...

Living away from home is one of the biggest decision I made throughout my journey. Even before when I was still young I already dreamed to work abroad not because for anything else but because I wanted to have a better future not just for own good but also for my future family and extended one. I came from an average family were values and proper conduct is taught to us by our parents. Anyway, life here in abroad is pretty not the same from life I used to have in my country Philippines. Maybe because due to culture differences and practices or it might be because I already had a job here which is quite different from the job I have in the Philippines.

Life while working abroad is definitely different! For some other people is not all believes that living while working abroad is somehow good but for those who work abroad believes that working alone from from home is definitely the hardest part that ever happened to their lives! Granted that its nice to experience the life of other races but living abroad away from your family is quite to hard. Not unless your just here abroad to enjoy with your family and loved-ones.

As of now, I’m already here in Abu Dhabi, UAE. My life here is quite different from what I used to have in my country. But whatever life may bring I used have here I just do hope that I can bare it whatever it is! Wish me luck guys! Have a great day everyone!…c”,)

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