Movie Review: Death at A Funeral

Some remakes are worth the effort. This painful rehash should have been left well alone. Aaron (Rock) is trying to bury his late father. But the funeral ceremony is anything but smooth for him and the rest of his disfunctional family. An unknown pint-sized guest reveals that he happened to be Aaron's father's secret lover - and he's got the pictures to prove it. Threatening to reveal himself to Aarons's already distruaght mum, the dwarf demands money to keep quite.

Things turn from bad to worse when a fight breaks out - and its thought that the drawf is dead. And that's just the beginning of the family's problems. It's not often that a film can be written off so easy. But this shambolic remake of the 2007 film of the same name is anything but enjoyable to watch. Farcical performances, a pointless and far-fetched plot and not much else in between ensures this film dies before doing the first round at the box office.

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