Life is about intelligent choices...

Life isn't good nor bad always. It's just a matter of intelligent choices we made. There are times we are happy, sad, lonely, hopeless and so on. But have you ever tried to ask yourself why did all this stuff happened to you? And have you ever realized that life is a constant challenge? Better ask yourself now! It's for your own good and not for anybody else. But you should not forget the fact that the more you made intelligent decisions the more you need persons who will help you to attain your goal.

I really agree with the saying " No man is an island " simply because God created us one through his image and likeness in which we are task to served others not because it's an obligation but because we really intend to help them. Ordinary days of our individual lives keeps us more stronger and braver enough to fight even more.

No matter how hard it is we should bare in mind that no such situation that God will allow us to experience if we can't find a solution for it. He always give us a test to test how far we can go in the test that they all called " LIFE ". Good luck to all in your journey!...Have a safe and intelligent choice!...c",)

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