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Its been a year now I have been blogging to some stuff I love. In fact, I never mind about Page Rank ’cause honestly, I don’t know what was it all about. So, until right now my own site has no Page Rank yet! But as I came across in monetizing my blog I came to know that you could get much opportunities from all the advertiser whose looking for bloggers whose blogs are more established and who do have a higher Page Rank. It made me confused at first why? So, I browse to some site that will bring me to better understand what Page Rank is! One of the site is basically Google.com which mainly provide the PageRank of each site around the world wide wibe.

Page Rank is a family of algorithms for assigning numerical weightings to hyperlinked documents (or web pages) indexed by a search engine. Its properties are much discussed by search engine optimization (SEO) experts. The PageRank system is used by the popular search engine Google to help determine a page’s relevance or importance. It was developed by Google’s founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin while at Stanford University in 1998. That’s how important page rank is in each site. It is then I’ve realized that to gain and increase your Page Rank your site must be cached and indexed at Google.com, must have higher traffics, visitors, readers, and specially quality articles which enables your visitors to come back and read some more useful postings.

Though it takes you a lot of effort, time and knowledge to have a Page Rank but if you wish to be at the top you must have to work on to get some better improvements and gain a credit from it. Here are some useful ways on How to gain and increase your Page Rank which basically I do it too.

* Quality Articles. If you write and blog for some topics that may interest you make sure that your visitors and readers could get some useful contents on it. It might be about reviews, perception or based on personal experience better stress the idea of your article for them to understand better cause it is were quality articles could be based upon.

* Track back Links. In the world of blog sphere, theres a lot of bloggers who are looking for exchange links for them to also increase their score. If someone tries to exchange links with you accept it. Its a track back links which enables your site to be seen by other bloggers in the blog sphere world. Aside from that, have time to have a blog hopping by your self and leave them a message/comment with your site address that will also give a credit of your homepage.

* Submit your Blog(s). At Blog Top Sites, it will greatly help to increase your readers or even just a visitors that counts already! Though I’m not pretty sure there would be a lot of readers that will come and visit your site but by submitting it will really give you a chance to increase your traffic. You just need to follow the directions that they give you.

* Monetize Your Blog(s). By monetizing your blog it allows your site to generate more traffics even just from an advertiser. Aside from that, you will also gain a revenue from it. Just continue to make a quality articles to the best of your abilities.

Blog what you love to read, to do, and everything under the sun as long as you enjoy. But bear in mind to avoid criticism to other sites. Though it’s not bad to give a contractive criticism rather than a destructive one. Those where just some of the ways which I think will greatly help to gain and increase your Page Rank. Let us now break a leg in the world wide web!

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