Experience is the best education...

What was really the importance about it? Is it just a past worth remembering? or Is it just a normal happening that we all people will certainly bare with it? I was really wondering why? Though experience is self explainable subject but is it just about that?

What about try to go deep within you...reflect on it and ask yourself does experience makes you a better person rather make you bad? Why did I ask about that? 'Cause people tend to forget sometimes that life is a mere experience. It is were we came to be a better person.

Experience is simply happenings in the past that brought you to what you are in present. You could not simply be the way you wanted to without those experience. Asking why? Ask yourself! I could not give you a definite answer on that 'cause each of us has our own limitations and that exactly prohibit me to define experience for you!

Well anyway, no matter how many times you ask yourself what does it mean to you the important is you came to the point that you ask yourself 'cause it is were we can prove that experience is not just about self explanatory subject but its more than just about it!...So, I guess you have to savor each day you spent with whom you wanted too 'cause it might be last...nobody knows...Have a blessed day everyone!...c",)

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