A gift for Dad!

Just a while back lately I been browsing the web to find some cool stuff to buy for my Dad as I am about to head home this coming December for my annual vacation. I'm actually uncertain what to buy fo my Dad 'til now. I ask my Mom what to buy for him but my Mom just replied me that no need to buy him an expensive one as he don't actually want material things. Well, granted that my Dad won't like it but at least I have something to offer for him when I'm opening the cargo I have for everybody. I also ask my Sissy she just to me to buy my Dad some gold coin to add on his coin collections. But I was thinking something else and that was buying him a wallet and I'll put some cash instead of buying those things I've mention.

Well, I'm actually on a delimma right now as I really don't know what to buy for my Dad. Anyway, I still have a lot of time to prepare. I just need to think it over what to buy for him and that in the end he will like it.

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