Essence of Happiness...

As we walk through life each of us is longing to find our individual happiness. Happiness that simply defines our inner thought as humans and as we continue to search our individual satisfaction.

Exert your best effort to be positive in all circumstances. If you love someone or care for them.. point out their negative side and mistakes and encourage them to avoid somebody, work on becoming a mirror that reflects his true rather than mistaken image.. after all, what are the benefits of human relations if not properly invested, if the standards of happiness are not known in this world and if we were unable to win others.

Beware that possesiveness might drag or lead you to something different if you focus and allow yourself to be controlled by the essence of possesiveness. Its fine to admire someone or to love them as much as you could but more than anything your life then I bet possiveness is contolling you.

Try to be less possessive and if possible control your emotions eveytime you dwell with your opposite or some sex.

You may refer to this article I've found a while ago as to how less possessive can save you in having a healthy and much happier life. They somehow elaborated in the said article an issues that contributes possessions of man and as to how to overcome it.

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