Travel Info: Amingo Terrace Hotel, Iloilo City, Philippines

The Amingo Terrace Hotel located in the town center of Iloilo, is a large modern 5-story building which, when viewed from the exterior, seems very ordinary. You are agreeably surprised, therefore, when you enter and discover the elegant reception area with its gleaming marble floor, large comfortable rattan sofas and antique pieces. A beautiful flower arrangement adds a touch of color and gaiety to the place.

The reception area opens onto the slightly elevated restaurant-bar. Cafe Chichirico. Here, the decor is warm and pleasant with beautiful rattan or wrought iron furniture, green plants in large jars and little bouquets of flowers on the tables. A grand piano stands in the corner.

A large staircase leads to the rooms on the 4th and 5th floors but you can also go up using elevator.

The interior are very comfortable with soft wall-to-wall carpeting and bamboo furniture, but the decor is simpler than that of the reception area. The rooms are bright because of the bay windows. The superior deluxe rooms, slightly more expensive, are a better choice as they are more spacious and include such facilities as a minibar and a coffee maker.

Situated in the heart of Iloilo’s tourist and business district, and a mere 10 minute drive from the airport, our 100-room hotel sits on an exhilarating lobby shopping center platform on the 1st and 2nd floor. Ideal for business and leisure, banks, shops, entertainment center and commercial establishments are at our doorsteps.

How to get there

By air and land, 65-minute daily flights on PAL, Air Philippines or Cebu Pacific from Manila to Iloilo. Ten minutes by car from Iloilo airport to the hotel.

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