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The zest of stainless steel coffee makers is such a maddening experience that the coffee lovers can be said to be the addicts of it. From time immemorial, coffee has been the favorite hot drink of the people the world over. No stone was unturned for extracting the coffee flavor to its fullest from the coffee beans.

The forgotten pot with a snout, famously known as the kettle, brings down the memories of the past. The coffee was brewed in the kettle, and poured into separate mugs, the trapper at the bottom of the snout stopping the coarser coffee grains and a clothe percolator filtering the finer grounds. Evolution in the design of the best coffee makers saw the later day inventions such as drip coffee makers where hot water drips down on the ground coffee placed in the filter and the coffee is made.

The working of stainless steel coffee makers machines lies between that of drip machines and an espresso machine. Like the drip machine, water is heated in boiler compartment of the pod machine and passed through the coffee grounds. The hot water is passed on the ground coffee with certain pressure for quicker brewing like an espresso machine. With so many choices, the selection of coffee pod machines is a difficult task. While choosing some points have to be looked at.

* The number of cups that can be brewed at a time.
* The types of coffee pods that can be used.
* The size of the water compartment for deciding the quantity of coffee.
* Warm up time of the machine.
* Bar pressure achieved so as not to get an espresso drink every time.
* Wattage and warranty period of the machine.

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Adam Thomas

3:19 PM

Thanks for sharing information..
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3:41 AM

Great information, I'm always looking for new Coffee Makers.

Sharing your idea about the best coffee makers available in the market makes me think that I must also share what I have gone through in my search also of the best coffee maker. For me, best would only mean a perfect partner. A partner that can help you to bring out the best in you. So whatever coffee maker it is that you think brings out the best taste of your coffee then no one can question you why you chose that coffee maker as the best.