Travel Tips to UK!

With the cost of petrol still on the rise, more and more airlines the world over are getting strict about how much luggage you can bring with you on board specifically, if your traveling United Kingdom where you want to see the Amsterdam designs and Vienna Art you should know this tips on how to pack to kep that weight down for you to arrive in UK with all those valuables.

* Only carry what you need because “weight restirctions change all the time and if you show up overweight, it could set you back a lot. Check the weight restrictions online for whatever airline you’re flying with as airlines vary, I recommend buying a small portable scale to check your suitcase before showing up at the airport.

* I suggest taking valuables in your hand luggage in the (unlikely) event that your suitcase doesn’t turn up at your destination. Keep all medication on you at all times – you might have an emergency on board, plus that particular medication might not be easy to get at your final destination.

* For Frequent flyers, I suggest business travellers pack “a comfortable and versatile outfit that you can not only change into on the flight which you can have as a buckup in case there’s a mess on the flight or you checked in luggage getslost and doen’t turn up – and you should already be travelling in a versatile pair of comfortable shoes.

* Limit the amount of clothes you’ll need by packing colour coordinated items and only one or two pairs of shoes that you can wear with multiple outfits – ditto accessories. If you can’t carry what you’ve packed, you’ve probably got too much.

So, for those of you who are planning for a vacation in UK just to see the museum zurich make sure that you've got to follow some if not all guidlines I've uttered it here. Enjoy the vacation!

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