Platform Scales on the go!

A floor scale is the reason that so many businesses fail or succeed in the industrial business. However, when you're starting out, you need a good floor scale made from heavy-duty materials that doesn't cost a whole lost. provides platinum scales just for this purpose. While cheap, they are not made from cheap materials. Most of their floor scales are made from steel and aluminum, allowing for heavy-duty weighing but also portability, which means that you can move them around freely and get them into position. is one of the go-to online stores for all things industrial and warehouse weighing.

You can pick up axle scales, platform scales, wheel weighing scales, livestock scales and other weighing systems for much less and yet you don't have to miss out on top brands. carries all of the top brands that you'll find at other outlets and industrial stores. The best part about working with has been the service. They truly have some of the best supplies for businesses and super fast shipping. You can get a ton weighing system shipped to you by the next business day easily, and it isn't expensive to use their services. The floor scales are relatively cheap compared to the costs of not getting accurate measurements or depending on someone else's floor scale to help you on tough work days. Professional warehouse companies need a floor scale to make sure that they are efficient and keeping accurate records. Platinum scales come with their own reporting system so you can see the exact weight.

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