English Pocket Books!

Isn't it cool reading English Pocket Books?...I guess, it is!...It will really help you a lot to better enhance your English vocabularies, your thinking capabilities, and How you interact with the situations on what you read based on the actual setting were you belong. Aside from that it will make you more equipped in the proper usage of grammars, and makes you more discreet in terms of decisions makings.

Though I am proud to be a Filipino, I strongly believe that International Language like English must be strictly taught in school or even in private sectors. Basically because we can't deny the very fact that English nowadays, is the medium language used around the globe to communicate to different races, cultures and traditions regarding to business exchange and profit earnings.

So, I guess better learn English now! and so do I!


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3:02 PM

Hi Wilson,sure I'll link this up too..
i agree with you that english language should be strictly taught in schools coz it's for our own good..
and just like you,i love reading english novels.I learn a lot of new words,etc.My fave author is stephen king.I love horror stories.