The Best Laid Plans

I happened to read the pocket book of Sidney Sheldon which entitled "The Best Laid Plans". Sidney Sheldon was best known for his exciting blockbuster novels. This one I read among all 14 novels he wrote is definitely great!. He was such a very elaborative and realistic novelist. I never thought I'll gonna liked the story 'cause to be honest I didn't really read English Pocketbooks then. But here it comes, one early afternoon as I was looking for something in our divider where a lot of books are located I happened to saw this pocketbook. I realized then that this pocket was owned by my Sis. As I read the synopsis of the story which goes like this, "Dear Diary: This morning I met the Man I am going to marry" it makes me curious and eager enough the go between the lines of the story. Only to find out then it was all about LOVE, POWER, & REVENGE. It was really strange but indeed a great story. Thanks to Sidney!...That's all folks!...c",)

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