Visa Application for Japan

Its been two years ago when I got denied in my first application for visit visa to Japan. That idea was presented to me by my Sis and his Husband (my Brother-In-Law), to help them out for some household chores and takes care of my Little Handsome Nephew! I accepted that idea not just because its a chance rather to help them. But it seems this was not yet my time to take this opportunity since I got denied in my application. It really makes me feel bad. But I just think that maybe its not yet my time and maybe God has a better plan for me.

After that incident, I never thought that this opportunity will knock my door once more!...I opted to accept it honestly since, I got my own life & job already. But to think that my Sisters reason is more than enough to help her out. She's pregnant after waiting for several years. Because of that I accepted their offer. I gave up my work and help them out! 'cause I know my simple help would be a great comfort for them. I don't have any doughts of helping them even from the very start simply because they are my FAMILY!. Nobody will help them except of my Family & me! Though its pretty good to think that I was given another chance to be with them to Japan. But eventually, I feel scared since, I was afraid that I will be denied again in my Visa Application. It makes me feel more tensions that I've never encountered before. But all of a sudden, I think God was just really good! He let me take this opportunity. My Visa Application was approved!....Thanks God!....c",)

Furthermore, I guess the essence of Trusting God in all the things that you do, take, and to take is put HIM in the middle of everything!...He was just there always if you need HIM. Keep updating HIM about your life's journey... That's all for now!....Have a blessed day everyone..

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4:27 AM

congratulations! in his time talaga. pag d ukol, d bubukol. hahaha


9:32 AM

huwaw! congratz!.. moshi-moshi? hehheeh