My Native Recipe: "Nilatikang Saging"

I just cooked earlier before I got to blog it my Sisters favorite recipe of mine which we commonly called "Nilatikang Saging". It's one of the known recipe already but I guess I got my own style which is rarely different from others the way they cook it!. Nobody taught me how to cook it, even my Mother nor my Grandmother who was my mentor in the field of cooking...laughing...c",)...I just happened to know how to cook it in my own. Though I'm not a good cooker but I guess the best essence of cooking is just "the power of your mind to think". Be creative as you are and do something. Here is the recipe of my Special Nilatikang Saging and its procedure on how to cook it.


1. 1 Grinned Coconut
2. 9-10 pcs. ripe Banana
3. 3/4 Sugar Cane (Brown)
4. 1 tsp. Iodized Salt
5. 1 tsp. Monosodium Glutamate
6. 20 grams. Evaporated Milk
7. 3 1/2 Glass of water


1. Cook the Bananas first around 30 minutes but it depends on ripeness of the Banana.
2. While waiting before the Bananas gets cooked. Mixed the 3 1/2 glass of water into
the Grinned Coconut and separate the Coconut Oil in the Frying pan.
3. After doing so, boil the separated Coconut Oil. Wait around 5 minutes 'til the Coconut oil
gets hot.
4. When its already boiled around 5 minutes, mixed the 3/4 Sugar Cane in the Coconut Oil.
5. Keep mixing the sugar cane in the coconut oil 'til it gets a little bet sticky.
6. When it gets little sticky already, mixed the cooked Bananas. Wait around 2-3 minutes
'til its done.
7. You may now enjoy it!

That's my Native Recipe!...Enjoy it guys!...Have a blessed day everyone!...c",)

Comments (4)


1:59 AM

Hi Wilson,good day.i already added this blog to my list.i just found out na ikaw man diay ang bro ni yenny na gina mention niya na na approve an ang visa for japan..congrats for the approval..

aguyyy nagpa ibog man ka sa nilatikang saging oiii..gimingaw nako ana ky dugay nako wa kakaon..aheh..eiii tga iligan man mo no???asa gani dapit mo sa iligan??iitian ka??


9:31 AM

wow sarap naman ng saging n yan.. diba minatamis na saging toh?

parang di ata ako sanay with MSG.. hehehe


1:39 PM

Do you have a recipe for Kakanin Nilatikan/Linatikan? It would be much appreciated!


3:19 PM

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