" Movie Day: Pan's Labyrinth..."

I never had an idea what the film was all about!...'Cause I never heard any advertisement regarding this movie only to find out then that it was not a Hollywood movie... My Sister & I went to Mall this afternoon with my Little handsome Nephew & his Yaya Ging...We got to go there without any plan at to watch a movie yet it all came up suddenly when my Sister ask us to roam around and look for best movie we can catch!...Then here it comes, she choses to watch the movie entitled " PAN'S LABYRINTH ", I seconded her motion 'cause I do also think, it was an interesting movie but before we came in to the big screen we deposit first her son, my nephew to the play room with his Yaya Ging 'cause he's not allowed to watch the said movie. After doing so, here we are now catching the strange movie...I never thought how poor the story was!...I mean, I'm not trying to discriminate the writer, nor the Director & all staff behind the said film. In fact, it was really good! They got the best location, time, effects, cinematography, art, make-up and so on... But it was just I'm not really satisfied of the story...I guess, there something lucking in it!...Specifically, the ending part of the film...It was not clearly elaborated...Honestly, it was really confusing....But its done already! At least, I saw the film and give my sentiments...c",)

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