Expensive City!

Foods, Clothing, and Shelter is the three major things that man can't live without! Foods are simply the one which gives us complete nutrients and vitamins to be strong and eventually got a healthy body in order for us to face our daily undertakings. Simultaneously, Clothing also provide its vital role in man's life. It includes protection of the body against strong sunlight, extreme heat or cold, and precipitation; protection against insects, noxious chemicals, weapons, contact with abrasive substances -- in sum, against anything that might injure an unprotected human body. Humans have shown extreme inventiveness in devising clothing solutions to practical problems. While Shelter plays the role in man's life by protecting them in any harm and danger which 'cause by the strong wind, floods, earthquakes and all other forms of natural calamities and forms of danger actions made by man itself. This three major things is indeed essential for our life-long survival as we search our individual destination.

Through that reason, even if how expensive that three (3) major things here in Tokyo my Sis and her Hubby really needs to purchased it just to do a living and for them to survive. Tokyo's economy is really raising ever single second because as I happened to know all the prices they sell it was really expensive. I just can't imagen the price of 3 little Gingers which packed already cost us 105 yen which in our country it cost us 39 pesos which eventually we could buy it for only 15 pesos...Could you imagen that?...How much more the other things they sell?...I'm pretty sure its really quite expensive! But I guess, one important thing we should not forget if we happened to flew to other places and live for several months or years is that it is NOT OUR COUNTRY! We have to adjust and adopt to what their laws tells us 'cause its for own good and for us to be able to survive in their life style.

As a conclusion, living to other countries is really quite different from the place we were born and grow up with! So, if you chose to live countries like Tokyo or other expensive city/country be sure you can manage to do a living. Have a great day everyone!....c",)

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