Simply the Reason!

I have been here in Tokyo for one important reason and that is to help my Sister through out her pregnancy period since, her pregnancy is very delicate and must be given more important emphasis. I my self is really grateful for her 'cause she trusted me for this one big opportunity to be with her 'til she gave birth to my second niece/nephew. To be fair and honest, it was really a big responsibility but I don't have any doubts of helping her 'cause its for her sake and I know my simple help even just in this way would be a great comfort for them.

Aside from this reason, before I leave my work in Philippines she told me to help me find a part time job here in Tokyo but know what?...I happened to realized even if I'm not working yet that working far from your country is really a big surprise. Simply because you have to adopt their cultures, traditions, practices, customs, by laws and regulations and for that it really takes your time even more. But I guess, the simple solution for that if you are really determined to do such things you must have to work harder and be the best that you can. You must have to leave your born culture in the country were you are born and be ready to adopt their culture. Though we can really say that their might be a racial discrimination but mind them you were there not for them but for your FAMILY.

As of now, since, I was just new here in this place I'm just observing things what my Sis and Brod-In-Law told me who happened to be here for almost 6 years which is enough time that they can adopt the JAPANESE CULTURE. One thing which is really difficult for me is their LANGUAGE. They can't speak even ENGLISH the international language and for that I can't comment at all. Anyway, hopefully I can find one part time job before my visit visa expires. But I guess, its all God's plan...Hopefully...

Have a great day everyone!...c",)

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