Tokyo Tour!

Hey guys!...Have been busy this past few days since, I got some work here in my Sis house which is really need to be fixed. So, I haven't been posting a new entry for about two days already. Aside from that after doing such work my Sis toured me around Tokyo and got some pics for that. Tokyo was really amazing!...What else more I can say about this place?...I guess, I just can't imagen how organized Tokyo is!...Well, maybe I guess, they just being trained ever since from their ancestors which eventually the reason why all of the things I've seen in this place is really great!...

Anyway, I have here some pics of mine taken last two days ago. Here it is....

Behind my back is one of the their building!

This one of their parks located just near in my Sis residential house.

That was it!...Tokyo is really a certified amazing City!...Have a great day everyone!

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