Please to meet you Tokyo!

Just yesterday (July 5), my Sis toured me in place to see the usual places they hang with together with my Nephew and Brod-In-Law. The place is really amazing!...Though I just happened to see the places near to their residential house I could really conclude that Tokyo is really one of the best City. They all got everything you need. A fast growing City were all people is I think is very Nationalistic were one of the reason why Japan is really a successful country. This is the City or country were they all live in the fast growing economy! I mean, a place were people is trained to be respectful, hardworking, and goal oriented persons.

Sigh...How I wish my country will be liked this!...But I guess, this wish will just be part of unfulfilled dreams. But I do hope as a proud Filipino, my country will succeed in the near future!. Anyway, I got some pics of mine taken in some places here but maybe later I'll post it for you to comment and see the beauty of the place. Have a great day everyone!....c",)

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