Wordless Wednesday!

Yikes!... Its Wordless Wednesday!... Too bad i haven't participate in the past week due to some personal reasons. Quite busy though!... but this week I won't allow that I'll gonna miss this up!. So, I guess, I might be posting my entry for this mimi early.. Here...

" Yummy Spaghetti and Crispy Chicken from Jollibee "

I just took this one a day before this day at Jollibee Fast Food chain here in my native town Iligan City, Philippines. Love to eat this one guys? Well, you must buy yours too!.... :) Have a great Wordless Wednesday everyone!...c",)

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5:36 AM

nice food.
you make me hungry~~


1:19 PM

looks delicious!!


1:52 PM

Looks yummy!


1:55 PM

Yum! Makes me hungry :-)


2:23 PM

awwwwww... my acid reflux.
But I would probably take a bite anyway

Great now I'm hungry again.

Happy WW!


3:08 PM

I guess I shouldn't post this on any one person's blog, but I wonder why hardly anybody is truly wordless anymore for Wordless Wednesday.

Nice food pic. Not a wordless post, but a nice photo.

Maybe we should change the name to "Share a nice picture and say a few words about it" Wednesday. Just saying. I thought the spirit of the day was to keep a little mystery in the post.


5:11 PM

Makes me hungry! Happy WW!


7:58 PM

Mmmmm making my stomach rumble. Lol One of the things I miss back home. Unusual combo.


10:23 PM

The crispylicious and juicylicious Chichen joy and the sweet and tasty Jolly Spaghetti are my faves too! Now, you made me so hungry. To answer your query, yup it was my wedding and that was our shot at the stairs of Mandarin Oriental in Makati. Glad to have found another pinay blogger. Happy WW!


1:47 AM

happy ww



12:14 PM

Okay, I'm now off to the fridge for some more chicken


10:25 PM