6 Days Before Christmas....

Yes! Its almost Christmas guys! Are you prepared already for this coming Christmas? Well, I hope so... In fact, I wanna wish you all the best Christmas and a Prosperous New Year. All I wanted is you'll be merry to celebrate Christmas with your family, loved-ones, friends, relatives, and even those strangers 'cause we all deserve to be happy on Christmas season....

In connection with that, I would like to remind you all that if you still have a burdens in your heart that you still carry with you 'til now please let it end. Forgive those people whom who hurt you and you'll be forgiven. Its a virtue I swear!.... In fact, it wasn't just about virtue but its all about forgiving through the spirit of Christmas. Remember, God is born to save us from the depths of our sins and who we are who could not forgive our fellow people who hurt us will in fact, God forgive us even if how sinner we are.... Have a very Merry Christmas everyone!

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11:42 AM

Nice message you have here, Wilson!

God gave us the greatest gift: eternal life thru Christ Jesus. It's not because we deserve it, but it's because of His great love for all of us. Novz