Got my Union Bank EON...

Yup!. Thanks God. I been always looking ever since when I started to earn out on my blogs for a solution on how to withdraw my earning right directly on mu hand since, I been always asking for a favor from my Sis to pass it on to her my earning and before it reach to me. And I found it a hassle one since, my Sis currently not here in the Philippines. Actually, I already got a verified account on Paypal way back then but too bad I happened to close it right after knowing that Paypal Philippines if now accepting payments. Really feel bad about it. In fact, I been processing my second Credit Card Account with CITI Bank but until right now it was not yet approved so really have to look for another solution. And thanks God I was able to found the Union Bank EON which I happened to know about from one of my blogger friends here in the Philippines. Just recently, I already receive my EON card but still have to wait for about 1 week before it will be activated as per discussion with the bank teller. Though I need to wait for a little bet more time before I can activate my second account in Paypal still really thankful 'cause God provided me the solution on my problem.

Anyway, for those people who wanted to have your EON Card too with Union Bank just visit their site and apply online 'cause it actually an online application. For more details about what I'm talking about here just visit their site. You can really use it to verify your Paypal account.

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1:23 PM

ist this debit card?


2:31 PM

hey, wilson, you must be very busy shopping now with all those bucks earned thru paid blogging. he he. Merry christmas to you! Enjoy the holidays!