Awards I got Recently!...

I been blogging seriously for about 8 months now. Since then I receive several awards from my blogger friends whom I’m deeply extending my heartfelt thanks for choosing me among those thousand bloggers around the web. Just recently this day I never thought that I’ll gonna have a 3 precious lovely awards from one of my blogger Friend whom in real life I think she could be threatened as my Big Sis. A really big thank to you JULIANA. I simply adore you through your words and what I expect and see it from you. Though we’ve just meet here in the web and known you for a short period of time ’til now I sincerely conclude that your indeed a nice person. Thank you and may you have a blessed life together with your family throughout the years and coming years….

Here are the 3 Lovely Awards I got from JULIANA

This are the awards I got from Juliana. What a lovely one!… So, to end my post I would like to share this 3 awards to my blogger friends Bali Dream Home , Merydith , Reigh , Rosemile , Tere , and Zhoe Wynz. Enjoy the awards guys!… May you all have a great day ahead!… God Bless you all…c”,)

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