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Do you believe on Horoscopes? or Do you have an idea what your horoscope tells you this year? Well, I guess for some they really believe about all this things but for some are not. It depends on your side if you will believe it besides asking and knowing your birth horoscope is not mandatory for everybody. Its just a matter of choice and matter of destiny 'cause after all its only " HIM " who knows what will happened for the next 1 second to arrive. I believe that horoscopes exist just to serves us to know what are the possible things to arrive in our day to day journey. It doesn't tells us that it will definitely happen according to what they say. Maybe there are some incidences that what they tells us will absolutely happen but it doesn't mean that all our life happenings is already written by some predictors who believe they have a power to predict the future. Remember those predictors are still humans like us who been searching and dreaming the perfect life that we all wanted to have. Its only God who knows what will happened "NEXT "....

Here are the list of Horoscope 2008...

ARIES: 2008 will turn out to be a better year compared to 2007. Aries natives find improvement and positive events, although tendency to worry will be high.

TAURUS: 2008 horoscope brings progress and improvement although period after July 2008 will experience more hurdles.

GEMINI: 2008 horoscope for Gemini natives will be better than 2007 but the year will clearly be divided into favorable trends post 16th July 2008 & difficult trends till this date.

CANCER: 2008 horoscope for cancer natives will be mixed as trends till 16th July 2008 will be difficult while improvement will be feel after this date.

LEO: 2008 horoscope bring hurdles & worry for most part of the year. Significant improvement will come after 23rd Nov 2008.

VIRGO: 2008 horoscope promises a vibrant & positive year in the first half, which second half could see wastages & a gradual rise in expenses.

LIBRA: 2008 horoscope promises financial gains through. Period from 16th July 2008 to 23rd Nov 2008 will see the highest gains.

SCORPIO: Horoscope for 2008 shows hurdles and hard work. There will be improvement in thought process while your personality will involve which will make learning and adapting to new ideas

SAGITTARIUS: 2008 horoscope will see improvement but after a lot of efforts. 2008 will become fruitful after 16th July 2008.

CAPRICORN: 2008 horoscopes brings a higher level of hurdles compared to last year although there would be higher income, a possible addition to a source of income, gains from creative work.

AQUARIUS: 2008 horoscopes will see powerful influences in career as there would be unprecedented expansion & growth till 23rd Nov 2008.

PISCES: 2008 horoscope promises varied positive development, better luck and growth. 2008 will progress better for you after 16th July 2008.

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Here is a poll asking if you believe in horoscopes or not: So far it has 85 votes, and 78% say no.


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