Weekend Snapshot!...

Yikes! I miss this mimi. Have you guys got your entries already?... Well, I guess, your too eager to post your entries right? Well, without further ado here is my entry for this weeks Weekend Snapshot...

" A lovely Balloons for an upcoming Valentines "

I just took this picture a month ago in one of the Mall here in Davao City, Philippines. Isn't it great? Well, hope you guys will gonna like my entry as I do.

Anyway, hope you guys will gonna have a great weekend with your beloved family, friends, relatives and loved-ones. always be thankful for all the blessings HE bestowed onto you. Have a great day everyone!...c",)

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9:27 PM

Lovely balloons! I'm sure your girl would love to have one of those. Happy WS.

How colorful, a bouquet of balloons. Happy Weekend to you too.

That's a party all by itself! Gorgeous.

stev & emz

11:41 PM

i like to have a balloon in this coming Valentines too! hehehe.. specially with the design of mickey.

Juliana RW

12:49 AM

lovely balloons with cheerful color :D

Will u visit my WS Thanks.


12:58 AM

Great picture, look at all those colors!


1:00 AM

I want the red one, and the blue one. And the green one, too. Oh! and that clear one with love all over it. Lol.

Such a pretty picture!

I've posted mine here. Have a great week a head! =)


5:26 AM

beautiful colorful balloons :) Happy WS

Lilli & Nevada

11:56 AM

Oh so pretty and colorful


12:26 PM

I love those bright balloons! Is one for me?


11:30 PM

Its beautiful i can remember of birthdays and other parties.