Education at its best!

Many people believes that education is a must for everybody! So do I! Simply because education was the driving force and very essence in uplifting man’s personality. It develops and enlightens one’s mind and perhaps it is the greatest and noblest constructive force ever set in motion. Aside form that, education is vital elements in out life ’cause it will not only enriched our know how rather it would also make as more mature brave enough in facing the realities of life.

I have here a great definition about EDUCATION.

E - lementary education is the beginning,
Of our young generations for formal schooling.

D - evelpment of their young, vulnerable minds,
In grade school, is what everyone finds.

U - nity among parents and school administrators.
Help the beginners to learn more and more.

C - are, love and concern, the teacher should give.
To each little child, so he’ll learn how to live.

A - chievements of goals, while learning the skills,
As he guides him along, his young minds he fills.

T - eaching him discipline as well as moral values,
Surely these are important for future use.

I - nstruction in the Arts, Culture and Sports.
Should go hand in hand with Math and Languages.

O - nward dear educators, do all what you can,
To make our young ones becomes useful citizens.

N - ation-building is the foremost goal at hand,
Well-rounded individuals are the pride of our land.

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