Movie: You don't mess with the ZOHAN..

Personal Critique:

I was supposed to make my review for this movie a week ago since I’ve already seen this last week but due to hectic schedule and some other personal concerns just only now I did this. Anyway, without any further ado I must agree to some other viewers of the movie who says’ that the movie was really funny. Though there are some scenes which is quite parental guidance and are not applicable for those young once still the movie was great.

Adam Sandler who used to be the leading role for the said movie did the best act that he can. He was indeed a great actor in his chosen field. But somehow his act in the said movie is quite too parental. I’ve already seen him on several movies but just only now I catch him to this type of role.

All in all the supporting actors and actress was great! They did their job well to the best of their abilities. Did really enjoy this movie! It was great but I supposed not to let those young children to watch this movie. If they insist, they should have a parents or guardians that will accompany them.

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