Gadget fever...

Gadget fever is a sickness. But it’s an integral part of the mobile lifestyle; you acknowledge this is soon as you bought your first notebook, additional battery, portable mouse, extra drive bay, 802.11b adapter - well, you get the picture. What should you buy first? And which extra items are important enough to earn a permanent space in your laptop bag? People need differ. Some give a dozen presentations per week, while others worry most about maintaining the security of their data. For eight categories, ranging from surge protection and security to PDA tools, our experts have pickled the devices most worthy of that spare inside pocket. We’ve done the weeding for you. Now the buying part is up to you.

Nonetheless, try to think it over before having any gadgets. Consider this factors:

* Do you need that gadget?

* How much do you need it? Most often of just for luxuries?

* Does this gadget really makes a difference for you?

* Do you want this gadget because you want too or just because your friends also has it?

Considering this factors is just a guide on you guys! It still depends on you if you decide to have it or not! My purpose of asking this questions is to let you realized that their might be some other important things that buying those one. Happy collecting!

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