How to Make Extended DOS Partitions & Logical DOS Drives..

I’d love to share this with you! I often do this steps when I wish to partitions the extended DOS drives in my computer. I actually, learn this steps way back college days and I guess, this might help you too. Hope it would! Here…

1. Select 1. Create DOS partition or logical DOS Drive.

2. Select 2. Create Extended DOS Partition.

3. Typically you can use the rest of the hard drive size which will be shown and Press the Enter Key.

4. Press ESC Key to continue.

5. You will be prompted to create logical drives in the extended partition. This is where you divide up the extended partition into multiple drives for now I’ll assume no one extra drive letter of D.

6. Use the full remaining size for the logical drive size.

7. Press ESC Key to continue.

8. Reboot with the floppy and format the C and D Partitions.


Hope this will help you guys specially those people who wanted to partition their own PC’s. Have a great weekend everyone!…c”,)

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