Reliable Ten Steps on How to Partition a New Hard Disk Drive (Multiple Partitions)

This is the other set of tutorial on partitioning your own PC’s at home. You can either use or not. But this is actually a proven method. I even follow this steps I have to partition a new hard drive. Hope this well help you guys! Here…

1. Select 1. Create DOS Partition or Logical DOS Drive.

2. Select 2. Create Primary DOS Partition.

3. Select N to use the maximum available size for A primary DOS partition and to make the partition active.

4. Enter the partition size for primary DOS partition. The full size of the drive will be shown.

5. Press Enter Key and the primary DOS partition will be created.

6. Press ESC Key.

7. There will be warning that no partitions are set active. You need to do this in order to boot from the primary partition.

8. Select 2. Set active partition.

9. Enter 1 for the partition you want to make active.

10. Press ESC Key to continue.


Hope this will help you guys specially those people who wanted to partition their new PC’s at home. Have a nice day everyone!… Keep moving ’cause life is precious…c”,)

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