Christmas Gift for my Granny...

Yikes! There's only 13 more days to go its Christmas time! Its a time of giving and sharing all the blessings we received from HIM. A time to honor HIS day of rebirth. For that reason, since its Christmas again I was wondering what to give for my Granny. Do anyone of you here could help me find the best gift I can give it to her? Oh! Probably, it would take me sometime before I can buy her a gift if I'll wait for your suggestions or recommendations right? Actually, already found this Discount Jewelry earlier but I doubt if my Granny will like it 'cause most of the gift she wants to received during Christmas is clothes. Do you think this would be the best gift I can give it to her? Just to be new right? Rather than giving her a new clothes. Besides as far as I knew, my Mom will definitely buy her a new pair of clothes too this Christmas as her gifts. So, maybe I'll buy her a jewelry rather than clothes 'cause this might be the best time to buy too for jewelry 'cause there is a great discount.

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10:32 PM

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