Living a healthy life...

As most of you notice, self-help books are gaining ground with many segments of the market and that’s mostly because they promise a very easy solution to most problems. Whether it’s financial difficulties or divergences with our life partner, many of these books offer similar answers on all matters. The following four tips for a healthier and happier life do not fall in this categories.

Getting adequate sleep can help you lose weight, fight infections, recall memories and think more clearly. Spending just 30 minutes a day in the sunlight to soak up vitamin D across a broad swath of the country can reduce your risk for a variety of cancers, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, osteoporosis and many other diseases. Volunteering to help others can lower your risk for depression and heart disease, raise your self-esteem and happiness and extend your life, according to numerous studies.

Having enough exercise is the one thing that is not mentioned but should also be included. Not only does moderate exercise improve health, but it also acts to boost our mood for at least a few hours after the session is over, as past studies have already shown. Working out also has a social function, in that routines that involve more people can act to bind them together, like it happens with football and other similar sports teams. So, always think healthy guys!

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