Essence of Blogging...

I was actually engaged on blogging way back year 2006. But I been to serious blogging way back year 2007. Never had an idea yet that blogging can really help me to earn a living not just for my own but for my family too. Never thought before that I can even make an article were hundreds and thousand if not millions and billions of people all over the globe can read it. Reading their feedbacks and opinions about what I love to write is pretty amazing.

It helps me realized that there are people out there who are seem to be curious to others life. People who are looking for satisfaction in which in their very own selves they could not find it. It makes me conclude that even in my simply thoughts and perceptions I influence them. I'm not actually a professional writer nor a professional expert on elaborating feedbacks and opinions to few subject matters and things. I'm just an ordinary people who share what I know and what I believe is certain. I might be wrong on my perceptions but mind you, its my opinion.

Through more than 1 year of serious blogging there's a lot of things and lessons I learn which help me realized that blogging is one of the serious things that must not be taken forgranted. What are those? Well, to elaborate the few key points I've learn is...

* PATIENCE IS A VIRTUE. On my early months of serious blogging I really started on scratch. Yes I did! I may not be a successful and professional blogger but I really am! And I guess, every bloggers out there really do! My Sis whose my mentor on this amazing stuff taught me things that I need to know about blogging. She introduce me in the blogging world without any anticipation that this will definitely twist my way of living. As I keep on browsing and indulging my self to this stuff I came to know that through my words and opinions I can earn out on my blogs. There I came to realized that earning out on blogs is wasn't easy. There came a time that my blogs are rejected. It really feels bad! Some people say that I my English is quite poor. Really feels bad! But I never stop. I keep doing what I love to do. I keep writing what I love to share. In other words, I never let them fulls me down. 'Cause I believe, "if they can, why can't I"... I can do better than them. The only spice I had is PATIENCE.

* PATIENCE TO EARN. Blogging nowadays is not new already. Several people like me are engaged into this stuff for one single purpose and that is to earn. I pity those people who are saying that they are just blogging without engaging on monetizing their blogs. ('Cause if you do "Get Lost"...explains it all...). For that, if you wanna earn out on your blogs by monetizing it you should be patient to do the daily routine on updating your blogs. If you wanna earn you have to give. Give your time, passion, and knowledge. Blogging is just isn't about personal things. Its more than that! If you wanna earn, be PATIENCE to exert and effort and try to go beyond.

* PATIENCE IS A KEY TO SUCCESS. Its always patience! Absolutely! 'Cause if your determine to success you should be patience. Just like you wanna eat an ice cream but the problem is you don't have your money to buy. So, what will you do? exert and effort and try to look for money. Look for money on legal way to buy an ice cream. So, if you wish to earn bucks out on blogging then you must have to work hard, be patient and be determine to hit your mark. I assure you, your on the right track on blogging world.

Nonetheless, at this point of time I earn buck as what other bloggers do. If they earn Dollars, I am too. Its my source of living. Good luck to those newbies...c",)

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