Snack time is crucial!

While going on an eating binge by snacking on unhealthy foods will only lead to an expanding waistline, having healthy snacks during the day will keep you fit — mentally and physically. Here’s how…

- If you find long gaps of time between your meals, it’s time to include a few snacks in your diet. Snacking will keep your hunger levels to a minimum and also won’t let your body feel like you’re depriving it of food.

- Healthy snacks are great for controlling blood sugar levels especially in people who have problems in maintaining them. Snacking improves blood sugar control by providing a ready stream of carbohydrates.

- By supplying your body regularly with snacks throughout the day, you also give your body an energy boost and help you maintain your weight. Since you automatically eat lesser during regular meal times because of smaller snacks during the day, you will help your metabolism, and digest food faster.

- By opting for healthier options like fruits, salads, yogurt, health and whole wheat grains instead of junk food like fries, chips or calorie laden cookies, you stock your body with a lot of essential vitamins and nutrients. Not only are they great sources of energy, but also provide fibre that helps cleanse the body.

- In children, healthy snacking increases and builds their immune systems. While not all kids will be enthusiastic in having juices, fresh fruits, salads, nuts, curd and cheese, make it a habit early on so that they’re used to the snacks. French fries, candy bars and cookies are high in fats and sodium and can drain out your child. The Times of India

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